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What is the Best Firewood for
your Chimney

Prefer to clean your chimney yourself? It's not very difficult if you have the right tools. Find out how.

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Finding the right firewood for your chimney can be quite challenging. When burning firewood, it should be properly seasoned, meaning it should be dry and ready to burn. Burning unseasoned or wet wood could lead to creosote build-up in your chimney, thus causing a blocked chimney or even worse a chimney fire.

Dry Firewood for your chimney

Finding dry firewood can be somewhat difficult especially at the end of winter once all the firewood has been sold out, fortunately there are many reputable firewood suppliers in Johannesburg and Pretoria that should have stock.

How to tell if your firewood is dry

There are a couple of sign of dry firewood these include:

On the other end, here are some signs of wet firewood:

Unfortunately even with bone dry wood creosote is bound to build up and it is always recommended to have your chimney cleaned regularly.