Terms and Conditions

Liability Disclaimer for Chimney Fires

We accept no liability whatsoever in the unlikely event that you experience a chimney fire after we have swept your chimney. Although a chimney sweep significantly reduces the risk of a chimney fire, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience one. We recommend having your chimney swept at least once a year to minimise the risk.

Firebrick Removal Disclaimer

To access your chimney, we may need to remove the firebricks. These bricks are very fragile and may break during the removal process. Should they break, we are not responsible for their replacement.

Roof Access Liability

If accessing the chimney from the top of your roof is necessary, we take great care but do not accept liability for any broken roof tiles or damage to waterproofing.

Service Limitation and Call-Out Fee

Due to poor installation or construction of some fireplaces and chimneys, not all fireplaces provide access to the chimney, and there may be obstructions preventing cleaning, such as bricks or wires. In such cases, we reserve the right to charge a call-out fee of £450 if we are unable to sweep your chimney.

Dust Damage Disclaimer

Cleaning a chimney is a messy task, and we endeavour to control the dust with a powerful vacuum and drop sheets. However, we accept no liability for any damage caused by dust escaping from your chimney during the sweeping process.

Exclusion of Repairs

We do not undertake any repairs to your chimney or fireplace.